I met a fabulous young female vocalist/artist yesterday who told me that her communications with the world are ‘sonic’ as opposed to pictoral or other ways of expression.

That’s the way I feel too — my communications with the world are sonic, and even more so, ‘playlistic’ — I create playlists and speak emotionally through the music played on Aspenbeat.

Hillary Clinton just made history by becoming the first presumptive nominee for President of the United States and that’s an emotional touchpoint for me. I grew up in a world where women were not valued for their contributions except as enablers of men. While I hope I enable my man as good or better as anyone could, I love that he enables me back, and Hillary is living that and showing us by example how that can work.

Next week’s show will be a tribute to women in music who have broken the glass ceiling, but this week’s curated show is more of a broad plea for peace, love and understanding (thanks Elvis Costello). Hope you find some inspiration to lead the revolution.

June 11, 2016


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Link to this playlist on Spotify: https://open.spotify.com/user/aspenbeat/playlist/359GuR4liimfDxJI3VYqvQ

(note: Jay-Z ‘Politics As Usual’; The Eagles ‘Frail Grasp Of The Big Picture’; Lee Mitty ‘Mississippis All Over’; Neil Young ‘Revolution Blues’ not avail on Spotify)

Allen Toussaint Yes We Can Can
Otis Redding A Change Is Gonna Come
Bob Marley Get Up, Stand Up
The Beatles Revolution 1
Marvin Gaye What’s Going on
Jay-Z Politics As Usual
Eagles Frail Grasp On The Big Picture
Gil Scott Heron The Revolution Will Not Be Televised
Louis Armstrong (What Did I Do to Be So) Black and Blue
Lee Mitty Mississippis All Over
Neil Young Revolution Blues
Jackson Browne Standing In the Breach
Michael Jackson Man In The Mirror
Front Range One Beautiful Day



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