Broadcast on Aspen Public Radio
Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Host: Andrea Young
Theme: Jazz

“If you want to swing and shout
Get your heels and get about
I’m an errand girl for rhythm, send me”
–written by Nat King Cole, recorded by Diana Krall

Join host Andrea Young for three hours of jazz radio.  This radio show was originally broadcast on Aspen Public Radio on Tuesday, May 13, 2014 from 8 to 11pm.  It features jazz tunes from the likes of Diana Krall, Harvey Mason, Eric Alexander, The Crimson Jazz Trio, John Pizzarelli and John Zorn.

Playlist here:  http://aspenbeat.com/release/jazz-aspen-radio-show-may-13-2014/

There’s so much new music out right now, and jazz is no exception to that.  And there’s still no way we’ve invented yet to find the best jazz, except to spend the time (hours and hours) to review and play something from every single release that comes through the door.  Sometimes established artists release music that just doesn’t hit, and sometimes unknown artists come up with the most amazing tracks.   Jazz Week posts a chart of the top jazz music being played across the U.S.  It helps sort it out!

Diana Krall

Diana Krall

The summer jazz festival season is almost here.  Both Diana Krall and John Pizzarelli are appearing this summer in Aspen at Jazz Aspen Snowmass festivals and shows.

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