Today [2/19/14), Ben Sisario from the New York Times wrote an article on how Warner Music Group, the company behind Bruno Mars and the Red Hot Chili Peppers among many other music superstars, is announcing a deal with Shazam that will create a label imprint for new artists who are discovered through Shazam.

Shazam identifies songs playing on the radio, television, internet, wherever.  According to Sisario, the deal lets Warner Music Group use Shazam’s data to see what songs are catching on and where — potential signs of a breakout hit.  It sounds like this is so that Warner Music Group can get a leg up on the competition in signing the next big artist.shazamwarner music group

Read the article here:

Why is this important to you as a musician?  Because it is possible that you can go from having a small fan base to having your music discovered by a larger fan base, and have a company like Warner Music Group discover you and assist you in building your career.  But there’s a catch.  That could happen if and only if your music is out there on iTunes, Spotify, Pandora and the hundreds of other web-based distribution platforms.

Now, distribution on these sales and streaming sites is easily obtainable through Tunecore and CD Baby and distribution houses like that.   For as little as $50 a year or 10% of your sales and streaming revenues, your music can be available.  That’s the first thing you have to do.  Put your music out there. Shazam cannot identify your music if it is not distributed on the web by one of these services!

You would think that recording your music and putting it out there that is simple and common sense advice if you are interested in building your career as an artist, but it turns out, not quite.  Aspenbeat actively searches for new music and new artists, and, many times, finds that emerging artist(s) are hesitant to put their music out on the web for distribution.  It isn’t quite right yet, or there’s new stuff they like better that they haven’t recorded yet, or they are waiting to be ‘discovered’ and made the next big superstar by one of the major labels.  Unless your music is available on the web, it is unlikely that you will be discovered at all.

Your music can have a life of its own outside of your own opinions about it.   Find someone who believes in it and feels it is ready to be distributed and then work with that person to get it out there.  Sign up for every distribution opportunity there is that you can afford.   You may just be the next big hit found by Warner Music Group because someone liked what they heard and used Shazam to find out what it was.