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Saturday, April 19, 2014
Host: Andrea Young

Theme: New Music

“When I signed my deal, I felt pressure, don’t want to see the numbers, I want to see heaven. 
You say could you write a song for me, I said I’m sorry I won’t do that happily.
When I go home, I tend to close the door, I  never wanted more, so sing with me, can’t you see.
I don’t have money on my mind, money on my mind, I do it for, I do it for the love.”


“I do it for the love” says Sam Smith in his addictive song, “Money On My Mind”.

That’s true of record labels too.  We definitely do it for the love.  There’s so little money in music these days for emerging artists and the supportive companies that work to get their music heard — Bette Midler tweeted that she had over 4 million plays on Spotify and Pandora and she received a check for $144.51 as a songwriter (Her tweet: “.@Spotify and @Pandora have made it impossible for songwriters to earn a living: three months streaming on Pandora, 4,175,149 plays=$114.11“).   And we just got back from a music biz conference in Los Angeles where one of the speakers noted that musicians MUST find alternative ways to bring in revenues other than selling or streaming their music.

We don’t have any answers, except to just keep playing and promoting new music that we find and love.  At the music conference in Los Angeles (MUSEXPO 2014) MUSEXPO-2014-Chrome-Logowhere new, aspiring, emerging artists showcase their live performances and their recorded tunes.  Some of those artists, along with other new-ish artists noteworthy of your attention, make up this month’s Aspenbeat ‘New Music’ radio show.  Some of these tunes  may not be available commercially quite yet, so be patient!  Soundcloud file below and a bit of info on some of the artists too.

SAM SMITH – Money On My Mind
You won’t have trouble finding Sam Smith’s music.  He was a smash hit on Saturday Night Live a while ago, and he has already won the 2014 BRIT Critics’ Choice Award and the BBC’s Sound of 2014 award.  This song, Money On My Mind was released in Feb and is on Aspenbeat’s ‘Constant Repeat’ playlist.

LIME CORDIALE - Everything Else
They are a band out of Australia, with a rock-ska feel.

EMMA LONGARD – Calling Angels

DAN CROLL  – From Nowhere
We can’t remember how we found Dan Croll, but we love this track.

MANOLO PANIC – Seasoned Noise
Lots of energy from their live show.  They remind us of Talking Heads, and Arcade Fire, maybe because of their female bass player, but also their sound and their energy.  We’ll find out why they call themselves ‘Manolo’ Panic.

KIDS ON BRIDGES – Walls (avail May 11)

Superstars from Liverpool, England.  Have you heard that somewhere before?  (i.e. the great rock bands from the 60’s from Liverpool).  Great energy, great rock-alternative songs, they are Aspenbeat’s prediction for best new band to break out this year.  See them live if you can.  Their first single releases May 11.

RICK KELLY – She’s A Star (unreleased)
This is an unreleased & unmastered mix of a song for his forthcoming album tentatively called “Dream of A Better Life”.  Perry is working with well-known producer 
Mikal Blue (Colbie Callait, One Republic) with Brian Scheuble mixing and Mark Mazzetti handling A&R duties. Andy Williams handled the string arrangements.

AUTOMATIC PANIC – Slow Broil (unreleased)
Rhythmic electronic rock featuring Stevie Prime on vocals and instrumentals, in the tradition of Brian Eno.

=GRACE INDEPENDENT= – You Need Me As Much As I Need You (unreleased)
They want you to listen to their music, not their hype, as a very private, very talented pop alternative trio of writers, producers and experimentalists

M.Y.A. PROJECT – Spritz (unreleased)
An electro-acoustic band who has opened for acts such as Massive Attack and Kirlian Camera. 

Singer-Songwriter Glenn Aitkin and his band have gotten support from Sir Paul McCartney (playing bass on a tune from their first album).  They’ve got a third album in the works to be released this year.

WINK AND THE SIGNAL - Trance End (unreleased)
They’ve branded their animated performances as ‘Afro-Country’ and perform all over the southeast U.S. (and will be in Aspen in late June).   They play violin and guitar along with their vocal harmonies.


bonnie ferguson avatars-000028019811-jorpks-t120x120

Bonnie Ferguson

Bonnie’s sweet dulcet voice will be music to your ears.  She’s 17 years old and lives and performs in Australia.

DEMERS BROTHERS – Reason To Love (not yet released)

A friend gave us this CD,and ‘A Reason To Love’ got stuck in our Constant Repeat playlist unexpectedly.  Smooth orchestral production and Demer’s voice make this an unusually addictive tune.  You might have to listen to it a few times before you too get addicted.

SONDHEIM/PENA – Wherever Forever Exists (unreleased)
This is from a demo produced by Shele Sondheim.

We ran into Marina V at the PEPSI table at the MUSEXPO luncheon for Diane Warren (PEPSI sponsored the conference).  PEPSI found and selected Marina V, who is from Russia, as one of their emerging artists that they highlight in their promotions.  Thank you PEPSI for supporting emerging artists!


Rachael Sermanni artworks-000063525622-umlp27-t200x200RACHEL SERMANNI – Everything Changes

Everything Changes is the title track from Rachel Sermanni’s EP, released in Jan 2014.  It’sthe first new material since her acclaimed debut last September.


SHEPPARD Let Me Down Easy

An Australian indie act on the national airplay charts


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