ASPENBEAT RADIO: New Music Sep 20 2014

Broadcast on Aspen Public Radio
Saturday, September 20, 2014
Host: Andrea Young

Theme: New Music

“I took on more than I could handle
I bit off more than I could chew
I hit the wall

I went off like a Roman candle
Burning everyone I knew
I hit the wall
I hit the wall

And the wall came down
Crashing down
And there was not a sound

Half my life riding on a rocket
From one world to the next
And on and on
I hit the wall

Taking things to make it make me better
Remembering things I never knew I knew
I hit the wall
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caroline jones“Music’s the only thing that’ll save my soul

I could stay on that chord all day & I’d still feel whole
Caroline Jones – Mississippi Men lyrics



Up until now, I haven’t been that big a fan of Willie Nelson, but a song from his most recent release this year, Band of Brothers/The Wall is on my Constant Repeat list and I do just keep playing it over and over again.   One of Sting’s new tunes from his soon-to-be-opening Broadway play, The Last Ship, has made it on there too The Last Ship/Practical Arrangement.  While I relate completely to Willie’s lyrics — “Half my life riding on a rocket, from one world to the next, and on and on, I hit the wall“, Sting’s tune isn’t anything I’d ever think I’d relate to — an older man wooing a young woman with a child.  But somehow, the song is haunting. And that’s how songs make it on my Spotify Constant Repeat playlist.  They somehow emotionally grab me, no matter the genre or subject.  Note to songwriters:  write from your heart, not what you think we want to hear about.  In the enormous amount of time I now spend reviewing and giving feedback to emerging musicians on their music, its still something of a mystery to me as to why some tunes will speak to me and others just feel……banal.  The song has to somehow empathetically touch me, either with melody, harmony or lyrics, and usually that means it touched its creator somehow first. All of the songs on this playlist meet that and more.

George Ezra/Budapest:  You might recognize this one, there was just a writeup on Ezra in the NY Times (I think — I can’t find the review any longer so it could have been another paper or magazine) and he is charting in the top 10 on iTunes

Paolo Nutini/Let Me Down Easy:  Big  advertising campaign on this new release
Birds Over Arkansas/Lay Down Tonight – one of the tunes submitted to me on Musicxray and (where you can submit your music for review and possible inclusion on an Aspenbeat radio show)
The Madden Brothers/Empty Spirits:  two brothers of the band Good Charlotte fame
Jason Masi/Never Alone – love the vibe on this new tune being released shortly, another tune submitted through Musicxray
Leonard Cohen/Almost Like the Blues - irreverent and tongue-in-cheek with more than a touch of self-awareness and deprecation
Sting/Practical Arrangement:  Opening night on Broadway for his ‘The Last Ship‘ musical is October 26 (2014)
Breithaupt Brothers featuring Ron Sexsmith/Any Day Now: I’m a fan of Canadian singer/songwriter Sexsmith does
Willie Nelson/The WallRolling Stone Magazine just did a cover story on him
Caroline Jones/Mississippi Men: such a crystal clear voice and effort
Diane Birch/Superstars
The Firegod/Illuminate My Sky: also found through Musicxray
You+Me/You and Me:  It’s P!nk!  She’s teamed up with Dallas Green for this singer-songwriter themed album, which she says she did because….”I have a lot of singer/songwriter friends at barbecues and they’ll always be the ones who get asked to sing a song. I’m never going to be asked to sing a song, because I’m a pop star. So I’m used to being shit on. I’m used to being the underdog. I’m used to being looked at as a corporation. And it’s not until people hear me sing at that barbecue, or see [things like the Woman of the Year honor]. It’s like every year I’m constantly having to reprove myself. I’m not complaining—it keeps me motivated. But it is sometimes a total, huge pain in the ass.  (


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