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Saturday, Aug 29, 2015
Music Curator & Host: Andrea Young

“When the city’s flowing
I found a way to move my weary soul
Ridin’ straight and low
Stay heavy and rolling”


Host and curator Andrea Young selects her current ‘constant repeat’ tracks, mostly pop, a bit of Hawaiian, and some singer-songwriter. Featuring tunes from Mark Ronson , DukeDumont, Kelis (kuh-lees), Galactic with Mavis Staples, Robert DeLong, Keith Richards, Andra Day, Kiwini Vaitai, Grace Potter, Stephanie Mae, Jamie Lawson, Tobias Jesso Jr, Halsey, Jessie Ware, Lana Del Ray and Tame Impala.

There’s a website I just found called ‘Genius’, which gives annotations to songs, including the first track on this playlist from Mark Ronson, ‘Heavy and Rolling’. Ronson has made his fame this summer as the creator of the ‘Uptown Funk’ tune featuring Bruno Mars. But this track is a bit more esoteric (so far), featuring Andrew Wyatt, with lyrics written by Wyatt, Ronson, Jeff Bhaskar, and Pulitzer Prize Winning Author Michael Chabon.

Michael had these lyrics fully formed. He was really into the expression “heavy and rolling” that NYC hire car drivers use to signify to the base that they have their passengers and are on the job. Andrew [Wyatt, Miike Snow] had this bassline (from an xx remix that he never finished) and just started singing the lyrics off the page. We added some chord changes and it was pretty much done. This is one of my favourite pairing of lyrics/song/performance on the album. If I could sing like Andrew, I would stay home and serenade myself all day.
– Mark Ronson

MC: I had noticed years ago that when you got into a livery car at JFK the driver would often signal that he (or she) had a passenger on board and was underway by means of the code words, “Heavy and rolling.” It was obviously meant to be the title of something. I kept it filed away for possible future use for at least a decade.

Of all the many personages or characters who flit through the songs on this record, the narrator of this one is closest to my heart. He has been through the wars and struggles and heartbreaks and betrayals—and the raptures and moments of ecstasy, too. He’s beyond all that… and yet there’s a loneliness. He’s also, just possibly, a little bit of a blowhard.

Further Note – Robert DeLong’s ‘Long Way Down’ includes explicit content but has been edited for radio.





Apologies to Mavis Staples, who is featured on the Galactic tune ‘Does It Really Make A Difference’. The track announcement noted it was Macy Gray, who is featured on the Galactic tune, ‘Into The Deep’ instead.

As broadcast on Aspen Public Radio, Saturday, August 29, 2015

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Broadcast on Aspen Public Radio August 29, 2015