ASPENBEAT RADIO: Music about Politics or Peace Nov 1 14

Broadcast on Aspen Public Radio
Saturday, November 1, 2014
Host: Andrea Young

Theme: Music about politics or peace

The midterm elections are right around the corner. Songs about politics don’t seem to ever be about peace too. Join host Andrea Young for an hour of favorite politically themed songs, along with some songs about peace and love and ‘we can do it’, because after all, the political process could sure use some of that.

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Featured Lyrics:

Frail Grasp on the Big Picture
Written: D. Henley and G. Frey

Lead vocal: D. Henley

“Frail grasp on the big picture
Light fading and the fog is getting thicker
It’s a frail grasp on the big picture
Dark ages”

Eagles Discography :: Long Road Out of Eden




PLAYLIST (the old fashioned way)

Eagles -Frail Grasp On The Big Picture

Jay-Z – Politics As Usual

The Doors – Peace Frog

Marvin Gaye -What’s Going on

Gil Scott Heron -The Revolution Will Not Be Televised

Stevie Wonder – You Haven’t Done Nothin’

Wyclef Jean -Election Time

Randy Newman -I’m Dreaming Of A White President (not avail on iTunes)

Lewis Black  -War On Terror (edited)

Jackson Browne -Standing In the Breach

Ted Pearce -Remembering Lucy Baum

Otis Redding – A Change Is Gonna Come

Allen Toussaint -Yes We Can Can

McDonald & Giles -Tomorrow’s People – The Children Of Today

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