GRAMMY Music Nominees: Aspenbeat Radio

Broadcast on Aspen Public Radio February 8, 2015

Music Curator and Host: Andrea Young

Every February, I am never short of amazed by the GRAMMY-nominated artists I haven’t heard of before.  Here are 14 songs from the GRAMMY Music nominaees, who are nominated for hundreds of songs, mostly pop, rock, R&B.  Many of these artists are set to perform on the broadcast on CBS tonight. You can listen to this Music GRAMMY Nominees show on Soundcloud.  Music GRAMMY NomineesOr just listen to the playlist of sounds on Spotify.  Or sample and download on iTunes from the links below.


The Music GRAMMY Nominees show includes music from Rihanna, Kanye West and Paul McCartney; Sam Smith, HAIM, Jack White, Arcade Fire, Pharrell Williams, St. Vincent, Hozier, Ryan Adams, Beck, Annie Lennox, Tony Bennett and Lady Gaga; Jhene Aiko, Barbra Streisand.

Listen to Aspenbeat’s GRAMMY radio show on Soundcloud

Listen to the Curator’s playlist on Spotify (some songs not available)

Listen to GRAMMY samples and download from iTunes.


Andrea Young, president of Aspenbeat. A Music Curator, Independent Record Label, and outlet for emerging artists.

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