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Saturday, August 2, 2014
Host: Andrea Young

Theme: James Brown Influenced and Influencers

Now we demand a chance to do things for ourselves
We’re tired of beatin’ our head against the wall
And workin’ for someone else
We’re people, we’re just like the birds and the bees
We’d rather die on our feet
Than be livin’ on our knees
Say it loud, I’m black and I’m proud

Yesterday a movie produced by Mick Jagger and Brian Grazer among others, was released called ‘Get On Up‘.  It chronicles the life of ‘The Godfather of Soul”, James Brown.  According to, “the real story with [James] Brown is the way in which he revolutionized music, influencing just about every strain of pop music that would follow”.   In researching on the web for this show, one thing that really stuck with me was mentioned in a piece on USA Today (see below for links to all the researched websites) that noted that “from a technical standpoint, Brown was key in shifting the rhythmic emphasis in his songs to the first and then third beats of the measure, rather than the traditional (in pop) second and fourth.  The Rev. Al Sharpton, a longtime friend who officiated at Brown’s funeral recalls, ‘Late in his life I would say, ‘Mr. Brown, it’s amazing; you haven’t had a big hit since (Brown’s 1985 comeback single) Living in America, and yet people still come up to you everywhere.’ And he’d say, ‘When you change music, you don’t need a hit. Every time you hear them playing the one and the three, I made that hit.’ ‘
Music on this show includes musicians who influenced James Brown, and those influenced by him, including renditions of some of his songs by what I’d term unlikely artists — Joni Mitchell, Tommy James & The Shondells among them.




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