Aspenbeat Radio: Interview Jackson Emmer Ross Kribbs plus Otis Redding Pain In My Heart

Broadcast on Aspenbeat Aspen Public Radio May 30, 2014 Host:  Andrea Young
Theme:  Live Music from ROUGH MONDAY (Emmer and Kribbs) along with some music from Otis Redding’s 1964 debut album.

Jackson Emmer and Ross Kribbs stopped by the studios of Aspen Public Radio on Friday May 30 with guitar and fiddle in hand for an impromptu studio performance with their ‘audience of one’, Aspenbeat  host Andrea Young.

Emmer talked about songwriting and the music and bands he has booked into Justice Snows this summer (and how he finds them), including the Crowlin Ferlies (for an Irish brunch), Sean Flinn & The Royal We, Dan Sheridan, Convergence Zone Bluegrass and Wink and the Signal.  Kribbs and Emmer, who play around town as ‘Rough Monday’, performed live ‘Nine Pound Hammer’, ‘Rock The Simple Cradle’ and ‘Frankie & Johnny’.

The last part of the show includes songs from Otis Redding’s “Pain In My Heart“.  “Pain In My Heart was Redding’s debut album in 1964 and the story goes that Redding (who was performing in the southeastern U.S.) drove a friend to a studio session.  His friend, left-handed blues guitarist Johnny Jenkins, performed with Booker T & The M.G.‘s, and when the session ended early, Redding received the opportunity to perform two songs.  The second song, ‘These Arms Of Mine” got him signed to Stax Records and became his first single, with Booker T and the M.G.’s providing the rhythm section (Wikipedia).


Jackson Emmer