ASPENBEAT RADIO: Curated Music Oct 11 2014

Broadcast on Aspen Public Radio
Saturday, October 11, 2014
Host: Andrea Young

Theme: Curated Music

Come lately, I just keep waiting
I see nothing out there
The sun keeps throwin’ out the light from the clouds
But there’s no light in here
I know that things have got to change
But how to change them isn’t clear
I’m tired of knockin’ on doors
When there’s nobody there
You know I’m tired of knockin’ on doors
When there’s nobody there

What does a music curator do? Spends a whole bunch of time looking for new music everywhere. Curator Andrea Young seems to gravitate toward singer-songwriter, pop, rock, country rock and alternative music, but there’s classical, electronic and really anything that fits somehow.  In her search this week, she found a whole bunch of artists from the ’60′s and ’70′s who are putting out new music including Stevie Nicks (of Fleetwood Mac), Tom Petty, Bob Seger, Prince, Mary J Blige and Jackson Browne. This show also includes music by Grace Weber, The Barr Brothers, Minus the Bear, Minnie Driver (she was a vocalist trying to make it in the music biz before she hit it big as an actress), Diana Krall, Lindsey Webster, Caroline Jones, Prince and Gary Clark.

Colleen the Reader’s psychic weather forecast  for Aspen’s 2014-2015 winter season starts at 38:09.  Colleen was right on last year with her predictions.





Gary Clark Jr – Things Are Changin’
Mary J Blige – Better
Stevie Nicks – Lady
Jackson Browne – Walls and Doors
Diana Krall – California Dreamin’
Minnie Driver – Tell Me Why
Caroline Jones – Mississippi Men
The Rifters – A Hundred Miles
Minus the Bear – South Side Life
The Barr Brothers – Even The Darkness Has Arms
Bob Seger – You Take Me In
Tom Petty & The Heartbreakers – Full Grown Boy
Grace Weber – We All Need Someone

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Broadcast on Aspen Public Radio

Aspenbeat Curated Music Oct 11 14

Curated Music Oct 11 2014