Jon Fiore

Jon Fiore

Jon Fiore

Jon Fiore

 He’s the voice behind the popular and best-selling ‘Out On The Edge’ song from The Heavenly Kid soundtrack. 

 It’s his voice on hundreds of commercials like ‘Coke Is It’ and ‘Be All You Can Be’. 

FIORE has recorded with Geffen and Atlantic Records.  He was the lead singer for the rock group, PREVIEW.  He toured and opened for Foreigner and Van Halen.  He has written and sung with George Benson, George Duke, Cher and Michael Bolton. 

 He’s been produced by Grammy-winning producer Keith Olsen (Foreigner, Pat Benatar, etc) and appeared on Saturday Night Live with Elvis Costello.

 JON FIORE’s music is rocking, soulful, passionate and emotionally driven.  His songs speak to rock, pop and country, all in Jon’s trademark four-octave style. 

 Jon is currently performing at clubs and venues in Los Angeles and New York, and has more recorded material planned to be released shortly.

As a rock and pop vocalist, songwriter, recording artist and performer, Jon has definitely solidified his spot in American Music history.

Vibrato Grill Jazz, Los Angeles
Birdland, New York City

“[JON FIORE]…was so amazing. He stepped up to the mic and sang, and basically everyone was blown away…..
Keith Olsen, Producer (Foreigner, Pat Benatar)

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