About Us

Music, music, music!  Aspenbeat is all about the music.  And the business of music. We’re discovering and capturing the music that moves you through our music curation, record label, artist development agency, radio shows and playlists.

The Aspenbeat record label offers artist development and label services, and works to launch and develop musicians, bands and artists using resources and networking opportunities within the music industry. aspenbeat from Carlos Dec 2013

There’s never been a better time for independent and emerging artists to promote and get exposure for their music. And, fans want more than just a music file.  We collaborate with artists to address and respond to the changing foundation and structure of the music business.

Aspenbeat Records accepts music submissions through a website called fluence.io.  Fluence helps creators (artists) with feedback.  There are literally hundreds of submissions rolling in.  Submitting through fluence definitely gets our attention.  Check it out here:

Aspenbeat is also a weekly Radio Show featuring handpicked and eclectic curated artists, playlists and interviews.  Aspenbeat Radio is aspenbeat from Carlos Dec 2013broadcast on Aspen Public Radio, on Saturday nights from 8-9pm MT, and available after broadcast on SoundCloud, Aspen Public Radio’s website, and here on the Aspenbeat website.  Some recent eclectic curated music playlists and interviews include Jean-Luc Ponty and Jon Anderson, Chris, Wright, Southern Rock, Female Singer/Songwriters, and Beatles Covers).  Spotlights or interviews with musicians, industry execs and Aspen Public Radioexperts in the music business are frequently included.

Aspenbeat’s Record Label Services Program publishes videos, e-books and other materials as resources to support musicians.

Contact:  Andrea Young, email: andrea@aspenbeat.com; mailing: PO Box 133, Aspen, CO 81612


Andrea Young, Aspenbeat’s President, leads the charge and has worked in the music business for a major label and distribution company, owned a music retail chain, was part of the group that began SoundScan, founded the company that computerized the retail and wholesale music industry, and has produced and hosted radio news and music shows for many years.

Andrea Young

Andrea Young

When she isn’t running Aspenbeat or curating music that she plays over and over again everywhere she can, Andrea produces and hosts radio shows on Aspen Public Radio including ‘Jazz From Aspen’ and her music, interview and theme show, ‘Aspenbeat’. “Thanks for listening!”



Feedback on Aspen Public Radio shows:
“The best set of vocal jazz I’ve ever heard on APR”
“You play the best music”
“One of the best sets I’ve heard in a long time”
“Brilliant taste, keep up the great work!”
“Your show is killer!   I was listening to it on a binge that is usually reserved for Netflix!”


Feedback from Artists on reviews and critiques on fluence.io:

“Thanks a lot!! One of the most useful feedbacks we’ve received”

“Great constructive critcism and willingness to help artists develop!”

“Thank you Andrea for giving me this wonderful feedback. Your artistic sensitivity and the nuances of my project you understood, explored with me and expressed so well…  Thank you again – you truly made Fluence a wonderful experience for me.”

“We’ve tried to get valuable feedback through several different sites, and Andrea really gave us some useful info”

“Today we played a concert in Essen, Germany! and after the concert we met a man and he said thanks for the concert and that he knows my music! I was surprised and asked him where he had heard my music? Here is his response: “I was in America in Colorado in Aspen and there is your song “Vive Lamour” was played on the radio all the time!!! I would like thank you for Andrea Young & Aspen Public Radio!!!”


As Featured in “Start Getting Radio Airplay: 5 Of The Best Indie Rock/Alternative Stations That Accept Demos”


Aspenbeat is the brainchild of one of the best music curators in the business, Andrea Young. I’ve known Andrea for a while, and there are few people with her passion, dedication, and thoughtful ear for great music discovery in our indie music world. Not only does Aspenbeat showcase great indie and DIY musicians, but they also have a record label that looks for new talent to present to the world. If your music fits with their programming and connects with them, you could find yourself a part of the Aspenbeat Records lineup” — D Grant Smith

 As Featured in “Indie Shuffle Is The Indie Music Answer To Spotify” on cmuse:


“Curated music platforms are my preference over computer generated auto play because the human touch is always more specific and emotional in connection with talent than a machine will ever be. This is one reason why I’ve been a staunch opponent to computer-created streaming services and choose music curators like Andrea Young (Aspenbeat), Folk Alley, and Bob Boilen (NPR Music) who are more than colleagues but gifted in their music perspectives to create amazing playlists for any desired listening experience.”